Writing Update

My writing goal, to be finished by July 3rd (before we left on our LDS Mission), was to complete my personal history. I am happy to report that not only did I finish writing, but I am almost finished with the editing process. I’m now turning it over to my daughter to look at it with fresh eyes and a different perspective, to ensure that nothing I’ve written offends any of my loved ones…My purpose is to leave my children and grandchildren (okay, my posterity…) with a record of my life, with an emphasis on the importance family has and does play in my life as well as the many spiritual experiences I’ve had that affirm to me not only the existence of God, but His ever-watchful eye over me and those I love. I have truly been blessed! Now it’s time for a major payback (although that is never actually possible, as no matter what we do, we are always in God’s debt…) by serving a two-year full-time mission with my husband.

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Zuzu’s petals (or the past returns)

While we were living in Brussels, Belgium, my younger sister came for a visit. She was in college and taking a break to visit us and our new baby. In church one Sunday she met a young returned missionary* who was stopping in Belgium to visit an aunt before returning home to Australia.  The young man’s name was Sebastian** and they hit it off right away.  They spent about a week together sight-seeing places in Belgium, and also accompanying us on a visit to Paris. It became apparent that Sebastian was getting quite attached to my sister (chalk it up to two years not being around anything resembling a female.) She liked him a lot but was in no way in love and didn’t want to be more than friends. When it came time for my sister to go home, Sebastian suggested that they continue to keep in touch and then suggested she fly to Australia to meet his parents. She said she didn’t think they really knew each other well enough, after only a week, to be making those kinds of plans, but she’d be happy to stay friends and write once in a while. That was that. She went back to BYU and was working and going to school and pretty much forgot all about it. Several months later a girl who worked with her in the lab she ran asked for some time off. She explained that she was going to her best friend’s wedding. Of course they casually chatted about her friend and how she had met her fiance etc. The girl said  it was a long, sad story. She said that her friend had met this guy who had been heart-broken when the girl he loved had just about dumped him at the altar. My sister commented on what a slimy woman she must have been, leading him on and dumping him etc. The girl agreed and went on to talk about how horrible this former girlfriend had been, how cruel and unfeeling and how much she had hurt her friend’s fiance. My sister was casually nodding and commenting on what witches some girls could be. As the girl  went on with the story it started to occur to her that some parts of this story sounded very familiar. The fiance had just gotten off his mission, was visiting an aunt in Belgium when he met this wretched girl, they had a whirlwind romance in Paris, they were pretty much engaged and she dumped him when he wanted her to meet his parents etc. My sister stopped the story at this point and asked the girl what the fiance’s name was. You guessed it, Sebastian. So she had spent the whole time disparaging herself until she recognized the story that had been built up by this fiance around her non-existent relationship with him!
What are the odds? Has your past ever come back to haunt you?
* Mormon jargon for a young man just finished his 2-year service as a missionary
**Name changed to protect privacy
Paris, the city of love!

Paris, the city of love!

Day 26 of the A-Z Challenge!

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Yankee Frugality



We had a catered meal at work and the caterer left a mound of butter, which I confiscated and put in our staff refrigerator for later use. Soon after, I found it dumped in the organics recycle bin. I guess another staff member (responsible for keeping the refrigerator tidy) doesn’t have my Yankee Frugality gene, wherein I was taught, “waste not, want not.”

In what corner do you stand–frugality or “throw-it-out” tidiness? Do you think I am being OCD about this??

Butter in the bin

Butter in the bin

Day 25 of the A-Z Challenge!

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X-file (Unexplained phenomena)



(Dream & Reality)

[The dream part] My Honey and I and our young daughter were on a Triumph motorcycle. Our progress was slowed because our daughter kept getting off the motorcycle to pick up bunnies along the road. Suddenly, we came across a field of thousands of rabbits, many of them dead in heaps. Our daughter found one baby bunny alive among the heap and put it in her pocket.

[The reality part] Five days after I had the above dream, an article appeared in the Life Section of USA Today:

Rabbit Rescue Ends Some Bad Hare Days–Washoe County, Nev. Bunnies in the bedrooms, hares in the hallway…cages and cages of cottontails…and that’s just inside this house rented by the Best Friends Animal Society…Outside, rabbit runs house close to 1,700 bunnies rescued from a Reno woman whose obsession with rabbits led to hoarding. The stench. The feces. The dead bunnies in heaps…It was just terrible…” (Wednesday, August 9, 2006)

Can anybody explain this to me? What is going on here? Have you ever had a premonition dream?

Bugs Bunny image from Looneytunes.wikia.com

Day 24 of the A-Z Challenge!

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Word Mix-up, or crossed words at a tollbooth



We moved across the country, traveling in two vehicles.

We had a goal to give out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon along our route.

It was my Honey’s turn…At a toll booth, along with the toll he handed the lady a book and, pointing to me in the car behind him, said, “This is from her.” [I had written the message in the front of the book.]

I pulled up next. The lady handed me the book and said, “the gentleman in that car ahead said to give this to you…”

Okaaay…??? No time to explain with cars behind waiting their turn. I took the book and thanked her…That approach didn’t go very well…

Have you ever given a gift that was declined by the intended recipient??

Book of Mormon

Have Book, Will Travel

Day 23 of the A-Z Challenge!

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My Honey’s life has always been much more stressful than mine, whether it was his military career vs. my stay-at-home-mom world, or our most recent jobs working for a library system–he in HR and me as a library manager (“Oh! you work in a library! Cool…it must be nice to be able to read all day…”) This is compounded by the fact that he is “type A” and I am a “type B” personality. So I’m helping him with coping skills. This is a Visual Trigger for de-escalating emotions. Our 5-year-old granddaughter has memorized the song, “Let It Go” from the Disney movie, Frozen. Viewing this picture, he can visual her belting out, “let it go…let it go…” which, I tell him, is my mantra when I am confronted with a stressful situation.


How do you deal with stress?

"Let it go!!"

“Let it go!!”

Day 22 of the A-Z Challenge!

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Writing Goal

So, through the A-Z challenge I was introduced to Misha’s Five-Year Project and saw it as a great way to motivate myself to accomplish my own writing goal: write my personal history. So as part of that challenge, I signed up for another bloghop…to encourage each other to keep on keeping on with our goals. Every Friday we post an update. As this is my first update, I’ll just say that I think I’m about finished with childhood and teen years…starting on courtship and marriage next!

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Unpolished nails, or Who do you think you are?



Back in high school, my best friend and cousin, Shelley chose me as her subject for an English essay. She read the essay to me and I was struck by how well she described me. Although I don’t remember much of what she wrote, one phrase has stayed with me all these years–it is the phrase that also made an impression at the time: “her unpolished nails…” said in a way that defined me as someone who didn’t follow the current fad of wildly colored nail polish and in fact, someone who was more “earthy” and “real.” After reading that, even though I hadn’t wanted to use nail polish, I felt like I couldn’t, because “that’s not who I was…”


All these years later I still don’t go in for makeup or nail polish, I don’t color my gray. Mostly I say it’s because I am too lazy, but there is a part of me that is what Shelley said I was–what you see is what you get!


Do you let others define you? Do you follow trends and fads? Or do you have a style of your own?

Natural Woman

Natural Woman

Day 21 of the A-Z Challenge!


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Translation, please!



“Do you want to play Bananagrams with me?”


“Well, if you don’t want to, we can do something else…”

“I said, ‘Sure!’”

“No, you said, ‘sure.’ ‘Sure’ means no…”

“Okay….now I know. Yes! I want to play Bananagrams with you!”


Do you and your significant other speak the same language?



Day 20 of the A-Z Challenge!

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Synchronized Reading



I was in the library reading “Big Stone Gap” by Adriana Trigiani in preparation for a book talk I was going to present. In the story the protagonist recounts the history behind their town. Seems it was famous for its annual play, “Trail of the Lonesome Pine” based on the book of the same name by John Fox, Jr. The book was written in 1900 and was the #1 book in the country until “Gone With the Wind.” I didn’t realize this was an actual book until a woman came into the library that same day, with a box of books she was donating. On the top of the pile was….you guessed it! Trail of the Lonesome Pine by John Fox. Jr, 1st edition.


But that’s not all…A week later I was again reading Big Stone Gap when my eldest daughter called to chat. She asked me what I was doing and I told her, “Reading a book by Adriana Trigiani.”

Big Stone Gap?” She asked. “I read that a few weeks ago and loved it!”

We talked about the book and I told her the Lonesome Pine incident and how I came to be reading it. I asked her why she read it.

She had been browsing for something to read and pulled it off the library shelf. The amazing thing is that this book was written in 2000, not a current bestseller at the time by any means. Great minds think alike!

What are you reading?

Reading Rocks!

Reading Rocks!

Day 19 of the A-Z Challenge!

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