For example…

Here’s a serendipitous event that happened to me today…I had a program to do at the library at 1:00 (actually was a co-facilitator with another librarian). It was a PageTurners Book Discussion Group. About noon I got a phone call that caused me to be distracted and I then got involved in another project to calm my mind. At 1:05, I decided to go for a lunch walk, completely forgetting the discussion group assignment. As I walked out the front door of the library, I spotted a late-comer to the discussion group and, after a few seconds hesitation, it clicked and I remembered where I was supposed to be. I walked in a few minutes late, but not the half-hour late I would have been if I hadn’t had the “fortunate accident” of leaving at the right time to run into the group member. 

Now, compare that to the synchronicious event that occurred a few months ago…
As Relief Society President of my ward (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), I needed to select a new counselor. I had narrowed it down to a couple names, and went out for a walk to await inspiration. I was focusing on a particular person at one point, whose last name was that of a large, bird…I “counseled” with God to let me know in some concrete way if she was the right person for this calling. I looked up, and far above I saw an eagle fly by. I got a little thrill and thought, “That could be my answer…” but, I reasoned, “her last name is plural, so if He showed me one, He could easily show me another…”About 2o minutes later, as I was heading back home, a huge eagle soared up from behind the houses, circled my head so low I could see the coloration on the bottom of his wings, and gracefully flew off over the trees. In the 3 years I’ve lived here and walked this particular area, I have never seen an eagle before, though I knew they must be around. Coincidence? Not based on the thrill that filled me at the sight and the deep sense of gratitude I felt for the answer received.  That’s synchronicity. 
(Bald Eagle by Flickr-vidterry)

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