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I keep a Dream Journal. I don’t write in it faithfully, but I write often enough to get a feel for the Important Dreams when they come along. I’m not into Freudian dream analysis, but I do know that some dreams mean something. I’ve only had, maybe 4 or 5 of those, but I can definitely tell the difference! So I try to pay attention and keep track.
The most amazing one I had was about my son. We had bought him a purple Neon to take to college, and I dreamed I was driving with him in his car, but it wasn’t his car… (the Neon): it was a silver, off-road-type vehicle, like a Jeep. He drove me to the ocean shore, and was driving along the water, when suddenly he veered out into the water. I was frantic, and was yelling at him to get back to the shore, we were going to drowned, but he just looked over at me and smiled. I scooted over to see as he saw, through his side of the windshield, and realized that there was a large sandbar, just under the surface of the water, and we were quite safe, driving on that. The dream ended, and at the first opportunity, I told my son about this dream. He was silent for a moment, then said, “Um…mom? I don’t have the Neon anymore…I just traded it in on a new vehicle. I think you saw my new silver Jeep…”
Parents never stop worrying or being concerned about their children, no matter how old they are, but this dream brought tremendous comfort to me. I immediately recognized the significance: I may not understand or “see” the road my son is on as he sees it, but I was assured that he was ok, he knew what he was doing and he was quite “safe.”
Part Two of this dream is a dream I had about a year later. I dreamed I was walking in a meadow with my youngest daughter. She saw in the grass, bunnies all together in a pile. She went over to them saying, “Mom! Look at all the cute bunnies!” As we got closer to them, I realized there were hundreds of them, all dead and dying, heaped on top of each other. I quickly hurried her away from the sight. Odd dream. The next morning (August 9, 2006) when I got to work, I read in the paper (USAToday) about a woman in Nevada who had 1700 rabbits in her house. Quoting the article: “The stench. The feces. The dead bunnies. It was just terrible.” They called it the Great Bunny Rescue of 2006. So…another example of my prophetic dreaming, but to what purpose? Why would I be shown that particular event? I knew immediately. I had begun worrying about my son again, and this was a reminder that dreams can be messages. That I had been given a message about my son with the Jeep, and it was still valid. So I don’t worry anymore. I don’t want to see any more dead bunnies…

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