I seek dead people…

All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a detective. I was a voracious reader of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden, and had my own detective agency at age 10 with my best friend, Sara Churchville. When I joined the Church at age 15 and learned about genealogy and family history, I knew that my childhood vocation would be fulfilled in this, my new pursuit of my ancestors. Solving my “history mystery” has been an amazing journey, containing some incredible experiences where I know the “dead people” were actually seeking and guiding me…

* In the National Archives, 2 days before we were to move to California from Virginia, I found Clarrie “Grant” in a census, only I knew she couldn’t be a Grant. She hounded me for months until I was able to find out who her parents were and get her sealed to them. Then she left me alone…
* In Belgium, I corresponded with some genealogists in Canada who helped me to find a “step” family that really wanted to be found. When the two Canadian sisters who read the microfilms for me began to view the film that contained this Bacquet line, they felt like the room suddenly filled with people. They turned to look, but they were alone…
I’ve been especially moved by statements from 2 General Authorities on this subject:
* Elder Ballard said that missionaries were sent to many of us who are converts as a result of the prayers of our ancestors who needed someone to do their work for them. That thought has always humbled and motivated me.
* Elder Burton, back in 1930 (think of what “computer” meant back then…) said, “the emerging computer technology has been given to man for family history.” That prophetic statement came to astonishing fruition with the recent unveiling of the new site, http://new.familysearch.org
 for temple work.
The veil is very thin when it comes to genealogy. With detectives on both sides working a case, it’s no wonder that miracles occur!

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