Not a sympathy head

Well, we did our patriotic duty today, marching marching (well, more like strolling) from store to store in Olympia infusing the economy with a boost from our hard-earned resources. We lunched at Royal Bean,  supped at La Taqueria, and provided patronage to a variety of shops in-between. One such stop was Angelo Mendi Salon, where Breanne worked some magic to give me a hairstyle that camouflages my new scar. Today was the Motorcycle Toys for Tots run–10,000+ motorcycles roaring through downtown. Rich says next year we will ride it instead of just watching from the sidelines.  Business seemed to be booming wherever we went, so I’m not sure the word has gotten here yet that there is a MAJOR RECESSION in progress.  I know we are very grateful to have good jobs at this time and the ability to provide for our needs and most of our wants. 

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