What was I thinking??

I usually carry a small notebook around with me to leave myself messages for later follow-up. Could be a “to-do” item, or a blog or journal idea, or a recipe or a book I want to read…You get the idea. The problem comes when I don’t get the idea. I have lots of notes that I now have no clue what they were for. There is one that is bugging me at the moment:

“Kitchen Quiet -> Slo-mo flashback.” What could that possibly mean?? Any helpful suggestions will be taken under advisement.

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2 Responses to What was I thinking??

  1. Rachel says:

    (Rachel) It is a note for writing in your journal. This is what your entry will read, “December 2008. I was in the kitchen today, alone, because Mom and Dad were at work. The house was quite. All of a sudden I had a flash back of my entire life…but it was in slow motion. I am seriously considering if I died and then came back to life, or if I managed to fall asleep and not know it. I guess that is what you get for coming home for Christmas and being trapped all alone. They better hope I didn’t die and come back, they would feel really bad.”

  2. Rachel says:

    Haha, I thought I was reading Vanessa’s blog…but it was yours Mom! Maybe weirder enough, you had a flash back of Vanessa’s life and an out of body experience? Now, THAT would have been something to blog about.

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