Library After Hours

They’ve all gone. We only had a skeleton crew of 5 today due to the snow storm, and now we’ve closed early so all can get home before dark. I’m waiting alone in the darkening library for my ride home, which could be awhile. As I sip my tea (with coconut oil) and listen to the hum of the building (usually indiscernable amidst the “hum” of the patron activity) I realize how much I enjoy being the library manager here. That too, is the result of serendipitous events, culminating in where I am now:
  • Getting hired at Southworth Library in Dryden
  • becoming director there without an MLIS
  • attending NYLA with my board president and learning about Syracuse University’s partnering program (which only occurred for the years I attended)
  • getting my MLIS with help from the library board
  • deciding to move out here (thanks, Vanessa for your part in this by refusing to attend Dryden High another year and leaving home a year earlier than we’d anticipated!)
  • applying for this job when TRL was going through a reorganization so the job remained available until I was available (7 months!)
An amazing cosmic journey!


About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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