Happy New Year!

New Year, new me? I like to set goals, but when it comes to diet goals, it’s all or nothing. Back in September, when I gave up the Big Four (sugar, chocolate, cheese, red meat) it was actually pretty easy. I was motivated to reduce my cholesterol without the use of statin drugs. Now my view is that reducing cholesterol isn’t important, and in fact, higher cholesterol in women (my age…) is beneficial. But I did lose weight as a side benefit, and felt wonderful. Then I proceeded to gain 1/2 of it back during the sugar-infused holidays. So…I’m tempted to do a “No Sugar in 2009” goal. I know sugar is the culprit and has no redeeming value (except maybe as a social ritual that facilitates bonding–who hasn’t made some fine memories over a mint-chocolate chip ice cream cone or a hot-fudge sundae??) I have some wonderful examples to draw from: my friend Ka in Ithaca gave up sugar (or was it just chocolate?) for the 2 years her son was on a mission (her sacrifice to gain blessings for him) and today I just read of a woman in Battle Ground, WA who just completed a sugar-free 2008. It’s not just a physical health thing, I feel spiritually stronger when I am successful in conquering my cravings. So, maybe I’ll start tomorrow, as soon as the Eggnog is all gone…

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