The Good, the bad and the dishonest

So, I went to get my cholesterol tested once more, even though I had been a week off the statins already. The day I did the blood work, I had an appointment with my doctor, so I asked him about statins and cholesterol. As predicted, he called me a paranoid conspiracy nut (in almost those words) and said statins save lives, period, and if I wanted to shorten my life, it was a free country (exact words). I asked about the benefits of cholesterol in the body (after all, it is a naturally occurring substance, it is there for a reason…) and he couldn’t really say. He did say if we brought a person’s cholesterol down to single digits it wouldn’t hurt. (What?!!) And BTW, he confirmed that statins have been known to cause facial paralysis, among other things… So I left, resolved to look for a new physician.

Yesterday I got a phone call from said doctor with my test results. He must not have looked at my chart, or else he didn’t make any notes on my last visit, because he said my “bad” cholesterol levels were way too high and he recommended doubling my dosage of Zocor or changing it to Vytorin. Yes, Vytorin. Not only is he a closed-minded fool, he doesn’t even watch the news… (Vytorin Doesn’t Work )

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