Thinking out loud

If you haven’t noticed, I seem to have “blogger’s block,” unable to find anything “synchronistic” to write about lately. So today I just have some random thoughts to get the juices flowing again…

* I know I am somewhat math-challenged, but I really messed up this week and had to “repent.” I got on the bandwagon and went to Top Foods to buy the tuna on sale for 50 cents a can. I loaded up my cart with 24 cans (3 stacks of 8 cans, right??), breezed through the check out by giving the girl one can and telling her I had 24 total. Got home and unloaded…32 cans. Maaan! How did I get that wrong?? I went back the next day with 8 cans in my shopping bag and went through the checkout to buy the extras.
* I love Elizabeth Bennet! I have to (get to) read Pride and Prejudice again for a library program and am thoroughly enjoying Lizzie’s spirit. “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me.” She knows who she is and likes herself. She doesn’t try to be something she is not. She speaks her mind, yet is willing to change her mind when she discovers she has been wrong. Thank you, Miss Austen, for such a wonderful character to learn from!
* Irony #1: At my annual employee evaluation meeting my supervisor complimented me on how I “champion” the teens even in the face of criticism by some patrons, and stand by them and serve them with enthusiasm. This, after I had just determined and announced to my staff that we were going to crack down on bad teen behaviour: we “trespassed” two teens for foul language and loud, obnoxious behavior and stepped up the lookout for extreme PDAs (Public Displays of Affection).
*Irony #2: Yesterday afternoon I told several people I was finished with sign-waving for the Levy Lid Lift. I explained my rationale that those who haven’t yet voted probably needed more information, not just more “rah! rah! Libraries” signage. I felt like we were preaching to the choir out there, getting all those honks and thumbs up from people who, I’m sure, have already voted. Never say never…I didn’t realize Rich had committed us to one more stint–this morning at Yelm Hwy and College we greeted the commuters with our placards once again.

* I’m a Sentimental Fool. I know it. I get emotional at the silliest things. This morning it was the song, “The Night Chicago Died,” by Paper Lace, on my Iphone while sign-waving. I put myself into the storyline, and felt that woman’s worry and then joy when her husband walked through the door. A trivial example of how music can move us, I know, but powerful just the same.

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