Lessons from the Bonsai

A gentleman came into the library yesterday with a self-published book he wanted to donate to the library. As I was looking through it today in preparation for sending him a thank-you note, I was struck by its wisdom and beauty. One particular section was especially poignant to me, as it reflected the circumstance I find myself in at this time. It was titled, “Sometimes You Need to be Repotted.” I am facing “repotting” this Sunday as I will be released from my 3-year calling as Relief Society President. I know it is the right time for a change, but I can’t help but indulge in a bit of “did I do all I could?” and reflect on my stewardship. This book was a little message to me that ‘repotting’ ensures growth, health and vitality, both for me and the Relief Society I served. I need to accept where I am planted and then give my all to be the best I can, then I can be confident that my efforts are acceptable. Onward!


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1 Response to Lessons from the Bonsai

  1. Joella says:

    I know what you mean about repotting…but thank goodness those of us who are now being ‘potted’ where you were can glean all your wisdom! I love that part of the church, we are all in this ‘garden’ together!

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