nuggets of gold among the fluff of life

The “coincidences” are coming fast & furious lately. Here’s a sampling:

* We wanted to change/add something to our meeting room policy, to be able to re-book the room in a reasonable time in the event of a “no-show.” I ask one of the librarians to type up the revised form so I could send it on to the City for approval. When he finished, he noted that we revised it exactly 9 years to the day when the document was originally created (February 25, 2000 right there on the bottom–I hadn’t even noticed!)

*Was talking to the EQ Pres. today, and he said he went hometeaching last night to an inactive family. His companion was our High Counselor rep, and they had a great visit with this family whom we haven’t seen in months. Turns out during the visit they discovered that the family will be moving next month into Yelm Ward boundaries, the very ward the High Counselor is in! Will make for a smooth transition and hopefully, changed attitudes.

*I just figured out how to access something on my computer that I was having difficulty with, and talking to the Circ Supervisor about it, discovered she had wanted to do the very same thing and didn’t know how to do it.

*I was going out to get a gift card to give to someone but wasn’t sure what kind to get–what one she would appreciate and use the most. I had two places in mind, and then happened to speak to the person about something unrelated and she mentioned one of the places I was considering. Decision made!

Some silly, some fun, some potentially life-changing, but all bring a certain spice to the day!


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