One of those dreams

I had a dream the other night that I had to write a paper for a class about a gas station and how the owner came to have the business. In the dream I decided to write the paper on the gas station my dad ran in Fitchburg so I could use it as a family history vignette as well. I woke up and made a note on my cell phone to remember that I actually did want to write about it. Then I called my mom to get some details about that venture. I’m sure the dream was triggered by my newly renewed interest in family history via my calling a couple months ago (and release as Relief Society Pres) as a Ward Family History Consultant. I’ve raced through all the online training modules and spent 6+ hours at the computer last Sunday on ((BTW, in the process, I discovered that is a fabulously effective low-cal diet: when I am engrossed in family history, I don’t even think about food). Another tie-in is the upcoming trip to Boston and environs where my family tree is rooted. I’ve added the gas-station site to my list of 33 (now I have to find something to drop in its place…)

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