I think of myself as a nice person–easy to get along with, kind…but lately, I have been annoying a lot of people…
First there was Asian Man at the treadmill. Next, my neighbor, one of the few in my neighborhood I’ve actually spent time cultivating a friendship with, isn’t speaking to me because I painted my house red. Seems she finds the color very jarring as she looks at it from her backyard. She can’t understand why I didn’t consult with her before choosing this color (I didn’t tell her there was no “choosing” about it–this was the only color I wanted). Then today, I was doing my morning run, jogging into my housing area, where the speed limit is 5 mph anyway, and I got angry gestures and facial expressions from a woman driver who indicated I should be up on the sidewalk. I guess she isn’t much of a runner or she would know that the cement sidewalk is way worse for joints than the asphalt road…
I’m trying to be nice, but I just can’t seem to please people these days.
(And BTW, isn’t my house absolutely gorgeous this color?!!)

About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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2 Responses to conflicted

  1. I LOVE your house color. I think people are just more easily annoyed these days…you are the same sweet girl… I have noticed lots of people seem to be out of sorts lately. Too bad, life really is too short!

  2. Your house color is wonderful, but then I like houses with several colors like red. I also like Carolyn Siemers. Love ya Cherie

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