Art for Art’s sake

If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only one painting….or, if you could choose from any painting to own (Impressionist, Old Master…no limits!), which would it be? This was a question posed in the book I just checked out called The Gentle Art of Domesticity: stitching, baking, nature, art & the comforts of home, by Jane Brocket (she actually phrased the question, “Which work of art would you happily steal?” but we are assuming there is a fairy god-mother involved here for our benefit…). I’ve been browsing the 700’s off and on all day and couldn’t decide–Vermeer? Wyeth? Monet? Then I saw a book of watercolors and decided my choice would have to be a watercolor, because I personally find that medium very difficult and admire those who can pull it off. I was impressed with the works of Xiaogang Zhu, and actually took a gouache class from him once here at Jubilee. Very Difficult. So I think I would like to own Zhu’s Red Umbrella over Arched Bridge (above) or his Waiting for Spring. Lovely. Which would you choose?


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