Step it up! (and Mind the Gap)

You don’t see too many overweight Londoners and here’s the reason why: steps. The millions that use the Tube have to walk and walk and go up and down many steps. Londoners walk very fast also, wherever they go. We walked an average of 5 hrs each day, and one day, just for fun, I kept track of how many stairs we went UP (not even counting down steps.) Every time I reached 100 stairs, I tied a knot in my scarf. At the end of the day, we had gone up 1035 steps. That was a pretty typical day. It wasn’t even the day I went up this monument to the Great Fire of 1666: 311 stairs. I did it in 3 minutes and got a certificate proving the fact. I also got a fabulous 360 view of London from the top!


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  1. Rachel says:

    That reminds me of touring castles in Germany. There was one big tower. As we went up counting the steps Brandolyn told me a story about a woman who counted the steps all the way up, and then counted them back down again…and kept counting. Past the number she had counted on the way up, and yet there were still more steps. She is still counting to this day, forever trapped in the tour, unable to escape. Good thing you only counted up, or we would sure be missing you.

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