Two are better than one

My mom had sent me some savings bonds she’d bought for her great-grandchildren. She wanted me to keep them safe, but I misplaced them soon after getting them, such that I almost doubted having received them at all! I looked and prayed to be able to find them, but months went by and I finally admitted to Mom that I couldn’t find them and did she really send them? Yes, she had the confirming email I sent to her when they arrived…She told me to pray about it, and said she would also pray that I found them. The very next day, I found them! (Or, rather, Rich found them among his papers…mystery explained…). So why didn’t I find them when I prayed about them? Are Mom’s prayers more efficacious than mine?? I believe the answer came after I told Mom so that she could also have a faith-promoting experience in their discovery. After I told her they were found, she sent me a beautiful email testifying to the power of prayer in her life. We both “stand all amazed…”


About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, traveler, runner, grandma, Mormon, Missionary
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One Response to Two are better than one

  1. Moms and prayer….a powerful combination never to be taken lightly! 🙂

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