Waiting Game

My daughter was flying standby and had no problem getting to Colorado on Thursday, but Sunday evening when she wanted to get home…(and yes, she had been warned not to try using standby on a Sunday…) she made it to SLC and then waited…and waited…3:00 flight was full, 5:00 flight was full, 8:00 flight was full…I was getting the updates, but didn’t think to do anything about it, until 9:15 I suddenly had a thought that I needed to pray for her to get on the 9:40 flight. I ran into the bathroom, sent up my plea, then less than 2 minutes after I got off my knees I got her text: Home free! 33f is all mine.
I asked her when she got her seat assignment, and she said that very minute! How is that for a quick response to prayer? She then thought of the irony if the plane went down, but I assured her that wasn’t going to happen, for the seat assignment–33–was a God-wink that all would be well. And sure enough, we got the landed safely text an hour later.


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