Happy Is

  1. Finding my hubby had my oatmeal all cooked and ready for me after my workout (and it’s the 30 minute steel cut oats, not the quickie stuff!)
  2. Steel cut oatmeal in the morning…
  3. Being disciplined enough to get my workout done in the morning
  4. Discovering my pants DID have an extra button sewn into the lining (even if it was after I’d sewn a DIFFERENT substitute button on first)
  5. A sunbreak long enough for a lunch walk
  6. Being able to fix the staff-room faucet myself without having to call in the city
  7. World Market’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt . Yes, I think I finally found a Dark Chocolate I can live with.
  8. My new yellow scarf.

About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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