Were your ears burning?

I got called out of Sunday School last week to “emergency teach” the 6-year-olds in Primary. It was the Easter lesson, and the instructions called for showing a photo of a loved one who had passed on and share with the children how happy you are that the resurrection will allow you to see that person again someday, in a perfect, whole and healthy body. I happened to have a photo of my dad on my iphone and I told them about Donald and what a wonderful person he is and how I look forward to seeing him again. I mentioned to my daughter, Brandolyn, about the experience and she said she had taught that same lesson, the same day to the same age group in her ward. She also showed a picture of her “pillow-fightin’ buddy” Grampa Donald, and testified of her joy in the hope of the resurrection and to be able to see her grampa again. I hope you were able to listen in, Dad, and know how much you are loved and missed! Happy Easter!


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