I wasn’t a “runner” back then, but the day I turned 51, I ran four miles just to prove I wasn’t “old.” Three and a half years later, I have to admit that I look pretty darn old in these photos Vanessa took at the Komen Race for the Cure in Boise last weekend, but I seem to have morphed into a “runner” in the interim. The Boise 5K was a warm-up prelude to the coming weekend’s half marathon in Ogden–my first 13+ miler (I’ve only gone 10 miles so far in prep.)

My Mother’s Day weekend flew by from the time I touched down at Boise Airport on Friday to coming home to dinner at Rachel’s and wonderfully thoughtful gifts from the family here.

Revving up for a trip a week for the next four weeks!

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Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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  1. You Missy, have been a traveling gal! FUN!!! Maybe I can met up with you somewhere! 🙂

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