Ultimate Torture

I was on assignment for my husband during my lunch hour today: purchase 6 pretzels for a Home Teaching lesson tonight on prayer (the pretzel looks like folded arms….get it?). So I ran over to Wetzel’s Pretzels in the mall and had to wait “7 minutes” so they could make up that many at once. Mission accomplished, I’m in my car on the way back to work and suddenly am hit with one of my favorite aromas: warm, soft, fresh bread….and here I am on day 5 of being gluten free (which may warrant a blog post of its own in the near future…)


About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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1 Response to Ultimate Torture

  1. izzorch says:

    I love those. You are a better woman than I am if you could resist that temptation.

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