Happy Birthday to Me!

“Are you doing anything special for your birthday tonight?”
“Well, I have 4 visiting teaching appointments, so….that’s special!”
Although I initially said this tongue-in-cheek, it turned out to be quite prophetic. This was a new route with a new (“greenie”) companion. During our first visit, we got to hear the sweet story of a new convert who recently lost her spouse and found the gospel. At another home we were able to inform an elderly sister about the upcoming opportunity to hear an apostle (Dallin Oaks whose birthday is also August 12th!) speak and invited her to join us. As we visited and got to know one another at the last home, we realized we were all three converts to the Church, were all formerly Catholics, and all had family members who have chosen to not participate anymore in church activity. The Spirit was strong and I testified that we were the “middle” links in a chain that connected back to our ancestors and forward to our children. It is important that we be strong for them. I know I was led to find the gospel because those who have gone before me were praying for someone in their line to take on the task of finding them and providing saving gospel ordinances for them in the temple. I was the first in my family to join the Church and the only one who really was blessed with the Spirit of Elijah, motivating me to seek after my ancestors. So I truly needed them as much as they needed me. And we have been promised that if we remain strong, our children will also be blessed…
We cried, hugged and enjoyed the newly formed bond between us, making plans to get together so I can help her with her own genealogy research.
On the way home I had the opportunity to relate my conversion story to my new companion. We expressed gratitude for an inspired Relief Society president who put us together! So, yes, I had a very special birthday!

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