Future Synchronicities

  1. Haven’t been aware of many (any) synchronous experiences lately so decided to “look ahead” and envision good things to come:

*Brandolyn is able to sell her house via auction next week, using the method/book I used to sell our house in San Antonio back in 1998.

*We’ve had to switch insurances (read: Cheaper) and by switching to Group Health, Rich finally finds someone who can help him with his various issues.
*Because Vanessa & Ben aren’t old enough to get a rental car in Ireland, where they wanted to go for their honeymoon, they switch gears and end up having a magical experience in Kauai next month.
Golden wasn’t offered the job with BASF in Texas and as a result, he is available to accept an even better job, close to us in Washington.

*The first house the Siemers made an offer on fell through, which opened the way for them to find a better, more suitable house (in which they will live happily for many years to come!)
Here’s to good things right around the corner!

About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, traveler, runner, grandma, Mormon, Missionary
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