2 in one day

This morning while eating my breakfast I was reading my scriptures —2 Corinthians 3–and had gotten to verse 11 when I looked up in frustration and said to Rich, “why can’t these gospel writers speak in plain English? Why is their writings so convoluted?” A rhetorical, question, I thought, but then I looked down and continued my reading with verse 12: Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech:
ah, the irony!
Then I arrived at work and spoke to a co-worker about her weekend. She told about her experience ushering at the theatre and having a conversation with a flirty young man who told her she needed to smile more. I left her to check out my daily emails and read this post called 10 tips for dating. Number seven suggested volunteering as an usher at a theatre event, but “be sure to smile, as it makes you much more attractive.”

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1 Response to 2 in one day

  1. izzorch says:

    That kind of thing happens to me all the time, especially when reading scriptures.

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