I am a child of God

Renee got baptized this morning. Rachel asked me to only do 2 things (well, not including bringing ice, my crockpot, stopping for toothpicks and rice, and coming early enough to take pictures…those are little things): play the closing song (see title) and have a private talk with Renee sometime during the day about the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Now when she committed me to playing the piano as accompanist, she told me about it by saying, “I think I did something that is not going to make you happy…” She knows I am a novice player, but that she even thought of me to do it made me happy. So I practiced and practiced all week and never managed to play it once all the way through without mistakes. I have never played in front of an audience or accompanied singers, so I was very nervous, but wanted to do this for Renee. The 2nd request had me skimming through my journals for a good example of feeling the Holy Ghost to share with Renee, but hadn’t really come up with anything by the time we were all arrived in the chapel. I sat down in the congregation and immediately was asked to conduct the music for the opening song, (played by a much more proficient musician). Something else I have not had much practice with…but again, anything for Renee…
The conducting part went well enough, and the baptisms (there were 3 children being baptized) and confirmations part was beautiful and moving. Then time for the closing song. I went up and said a quick prayer that I could be calm and get through it without messing up too badly, when the thought came to me that this prayer, and its sure-to-come-answer would be the perfect story to tell Renee about the Holy Ghost.
Well, I said, “amen” to my mental prayer, and started in. I was calm. I didn’t mess up too badly to be noticed, and I definitely felt the presence of the Holy Ghost with me helping me. Back at the house, I had a quiet moment with Renee in the backyard, where I told her of my fears and nervousness, and how the Holy Ghost was with me to help me do my best. I gave her a white bead bracelet I made for her and testified of the blessings of having the Holy Ghost as a constant companion. A sweet memory of a lovely morning.


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