Tim Tam is calling me…

I had never heard of this product before until yesterday when it came up twice in a few hours. The first was in a book I’m reading, The Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz:

 David poured us both a cup of coffee and then disappeared in the pantry for five minutes looking for something. He used to hide junk food from himself and so I could only conclude he was hunting for a particular item. He returned to the kitchen table with an unopened but battered box of something he called Arnott’s Tim Tams, ‘mint crisp’ flavor.
“Where’d these come from?” I asked. Having Rae as a sibling, I’ve become a kind of expert on sugared delicacies, and this was certainly unfamiliar packaging.
“My friend brought them back from Australia.” David cracked the seal and dunked half his cookie in his coffee.
“How long ago?”
“A few years.”
“You must have some serious guilt to spill.”
“I have a bad feeling in my gut.”
“It will only get worse after you eat these. Have you checked the expiration date?”
“Try one and then you’ll shut up,” he said.
I did and was certainly quiet during the consumption of the exquisite biscuit. Why oh why don’t we have these in every major US supermarket? It’s madness. Australia, I love you. (pp. 268-269)

A short time later I put the book down and did some “pinning.” I was interested in a pin that had a cute girl kissing a cute guy on the cheek with this description: {10 Things} That Have Made All the Difference in Our Marriage

When I followed it to the source, the blog post had some good advice, which I read all the way through. At the bottom was this “Ps, We’d like to take this opportunity to do a Tim Tam Slam in honor of all of the people who just made it through this post. Pretty sure it was longer than the Magna Carta.” 

By following that link, you get the instructions for dunking your Tim Tam into your warm beverage of choice. What are the odds? It’s a sign that I need to forego my “No Sugar” vow (going on 4th week!) for this one experience. The post states that Tim Tam can be found at your local Target store. Will certainly check it out. Who knows where this path may lead?

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