At lunchtime, Rich and I took my supervisor out to lunch at Lemon Grass in honor of her imminent retirement. I had come prepared to take home half of my Yellow Curry and I brought my own Pyrex glass dish with lid to save on styrofoam or other disposable take-out containers. I thought I might not get much to take home, as Sally kept sampling mine (so I sampled hers in equal amounts) but when she saw me pull out my container, she told me to please take her Thai fried rice home with me as well. So I did. When we got home, my daughter, Rachel stopped by with a bag of trash for our pick up tomorrow that wouldn’t fit in her bin because she had filled hers with yard (read: compostable) waste. So I guess my meager efforts to conserve resources with my Pyrex doggie-bag were negated by the bag of yard clippings that went in the landfill…

I can only do so much. One baby-step at a time. I just couldn’t bring myself to clean out her trash bin and bag up the yard waste and bring it to the compost container at work, since my yard composter couldn’t handle that volume. Tomorrow’s another day. I can try harder to save the world tomorrow.


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