Mothers’ Day Surprise

Rich and I rode the motorcycle to Rachel’s at 6 p.m. Sunday night for dinner with the family. Three year old “little Chase” met me at the door with a new shirt that said, “BIG BRO” but that didn’t register with me…I was escorted to the couch and handed a gift to open, as Rachel stood by the ready with a camera. Inside was a locket with a birthstone for each of my grandchildren inside it. I couldn’t figure out why there were 2 blue, and Rachel said, “That’s December. Chase is December 7th, and that’s the OTHER December one….” I got it! and burst into tears, of course, which is what they all were waiting for to capture on camera: my emotional reaction to the news of their pregnancy!! Very exciting and a very memorable Mothers Day!

About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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