The mouth of babes

Who wouldn’t want to live
with such a cool Grandma??

I took 4 days off this week to watch my 3 grandkids during the day while their mom was at Girls’ Camp helping in the kitchen. I’d come prepared with a pile of library books, craft projects, videos, exercise routines (the 9 year-old did an hour of P90X with me every day!) and nourishing meals and snacks. We went to the indoor pool every day from 3-5 p.m., which was fabulous, as the 3-year old went from a non-swimmer to a fish by day two. Driving to the pool one day, I was singing along to my Oldies station (“Good morning, Starshine! The earth says, Hello!”) when Chase (age 3) said, “Gramma, you sing good!” Well, no one tells me that, so I took it with a grain of salt, but it still made me feel good. Then later on, the 9-year-old asked me if they would come live with me and Grampa if both their parents died. I said that was a decision that their parents would make and to talk to them about it, but we would certainly love to take care of them. Then I asked her who she would like to live with if that happened and she immediately said, “Nana and Poppa (the other grandparents) because they have a sweet little cat that I am not afraid of.” Nice. Okay, then. Keeping me grounded.


About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, traveler, runner, grandma, Mormon, Missionary
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