Essential healing

Here’s a record of my recent experiences with essential oils so far:

  1. Burned my baby finger getting homemade chips out of the oven. Immediately put lavender and Melaleuca oils on it and the pain was gone. Next day there was a faint white mark, but no blistering and no pain. (8-5-12)
  2. Had an outbreak of skin issues in my outer ear. Put Melaleuca on it before bed and by morning it was more cleared up than it has been in months. (8-8-12)
  3. Had a suspicious “thing” on my forehead, thought was a pimple at first, but it didn’t go away for 3 weeks. After a week of Melaleuca, the outer skin fell off and it was perfectly smooth underneath. (8-7-12)
  4. As I was trying to sleep, my right nostril was blocked. I put some Breathe on my neck and in a few minutes I could breathe fine out of both nostrils. (8-10-12)
  5. I had been off Red yeast rice for a few months, then went on it for a week before my oils arrived, to get a good start on lowering my cholesterol. Once I got the oils, I stopped the RYR (7-23-12) and used only Clary Sage morning and night over my liver and a couple drops of Lemongrass in water 2x/day. After 2 weeks of the oils, I got my lipids tested (8-6-2012), and they were the awesome! Total = 202; HDL 71; LDL 120; triglycerides 57; glucose 88; ratio 2:8. My highest without anything was total 275.
  6. Plantar faciitis pain for 6 months (1-30-12). Two days (August 6-8) of Deep Blue Rub and Cypress and I was pain-free two days in a row. Have a bit of residual tonight, but nothing like it was even a week ago. 
  7. Slim & Sassy in my water definitely curbs my appetite!
  8. Had a tooth sensitivity the other day and put some clove oil on it. In 2 days the sensitivity was gone.
  9. I think there is a definite mind/body connection to the efficacy of the oils. Whenever I try to apply oils to Rich’s ailments, there is zero effect…He’s not much of a believer.

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1 Response to Essential healing

  1. Gail Park says:

    Since I blogged this, I got Rich to use the oils via a diffuser and it was the only thing that brought him relief from his constant coughing!

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