Quirky little synchronicities

My son-in-law, Benjamin wanted to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, so I said I’d read it with him. I couldn’t find a copy on the library shelf, and ended up having to download the audiobook from the elibrary. I started listening to it in the evenings when I was in bed, but it is slow going….I’ve been at it for a couple days now, and today I was reading in a fitness magazine about ways Olympians built healthy habits. One (Kayla Harrison, Judo Player, ranked #1 in US and #4 in the World) said, “I read Atlas Shrugged before bed sometimes. It puts me to sleep because it’s so long and monotonous. You can pass out and then pick it up, and they’re having the exact same 70-page conversation!” So much for reading those classical “must reads”…kinda like the feeling I get trying to watch Citizen Kane and wondering why it is [supposed to be] “the best film of all time.”

I also checked out from my local library a couple books on gardening. I was particularly interested in one called, Zen In Your Garden, by Jenny Hendy. We are planning to re-do our backyard and I want a place that is restful and conducive to meditation and reflection; a peaceful retreat from the world. Then today I found delivered to my inbox at work an invitation to tour a park called Chase Garden not too far from here. It is a Japanese-inspired zen garden on 4+ acres. Definitely need to go there!


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