Two become one

Rich had this great idea to take all seven grandkids to the roller rink. Fortunately Jason (son-in-law and dad to 3 of said grands) accompanied us, giving the 2 moms a special evening together kid-less. I had just started out onto the rink floor with the 4-year-old when my feet flew out from under me and i broke my fall with my left hand, thus also breaking my wrist in 2 places. I handed off my charge to Rich while I assessed the damage and went for some ice, though I was fairly sure of the break. As I sat with an ice pack on my wrist, the 11-year-old came by to check on me and informed me that “Grampa fell too!” Yep. He and Norah got 3/4 around the rink when he lost it and went down. So we were able to leave the group in Jay’s able hands and Rich drove us both to the ER where he was given a sling for a hairline fracture and (after 5 tries) I got my radius bone set and a full-arm cast put on.

The Synchronicity of this is that his injury is to his right (dominant) side and my break is my (dominant) left. So now,  he holds the can while I turn the can-opener; I hold the bread while he spreads the butter. Together we can still get it done!


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1 Response to Two become one

  1. Unknown says:

    It certainly isn't the way that you would want to become one, but how sweet it is that you love one another enough to want to work together to get even simple tasks accomplished. My heart goes out to you, Gail, and praying that you heal quickly.

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