Perfect Timing!

I started participating in EveryMove, which gives you points and rewards for exercising. One of the first rewards I chose was an Elite membership in Runkeeper (I’ve been using the free, limited version since last fall). It’s been a back-and-forth for a couple weeks now trying to redeem the reward and get the Elite version working on my account, but today it went through and I got to look at the fitness plans and goals they offer. I picked a training plan for an “under 2:15 half-marathon.” Rich and I had previously set a goal to participate in the Lakefair half-marathon in Olympia, WA and as I looked at the training plan on Runkeeper, if I started next Monday, I would have exactly 16 weeks (the suggested training plan schedule) to the day of the event!


About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, traveler, runner, grandma, Mormon, Missionary
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