Paying it forward

Got an email from my mom yesterday. She had read the blog about the panhandler and shared her own version:

Your random act of kindness just paid off for me….I went to Stuart’s kindergarten graduation then took him for mini golf and lunch at A&W.  I orderd the foot long hot dog and root beer float, he ordered nuggets and a root beer float. I wasn’t too embarrassed to find the bill was $12.00 and I only had $5 left after paying for golf and water balloons. I had to cancel my order and just have Stuie eat.  The waitress brought his order and I said, “I am sorry but I can’t leave you a very big tip (.90) as I thought you took credit cards but the sign says ‘cash only.'”  I explained to her why I was short of cash.  She left and returned with my original order a few minutes later.  I said, “You must be mistaken–I cancelled the hot dog dinner.”  She then told me that the man at the table behind me paid for it.  Seems a father and daughter were celebrating her going from second to third grade, and he overheard me explaining my situation. He told the waitress to bring the order and he would pay. Of course I got all teary and had to tell him about your and Rachel’s experiences and promised him I would pass on his kindness in like manner.

And so it goes–paying it forward makes the world a better place, one hot dog (or taco) at a time!


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