One thing leads to another

I got these orange shoes from Tom’s (we all got to choose a pair–all 16 of us headed for the coast last month, as part of a lesson our patriarch wanted to impart)–they jumped out at me from the catalog. But I had nothing, really, to wear with them. I don’t normally wear orange (or red). Then I was in the PX on Monday and saw this orange shirt on sale for less than $3.00. How could I not buy it??? Accented with my orange earrings (which I have also never worn before) I have gotten several compliments today already, and it is still morning. It reminded me of a poem my interesting friend Darlene Korbuszewski made up when we were in middle school together (she wrote many poems, but this is the only one I remember.)

“The fall leaves scream out their colors: ORANGE!”

That’s it. But today I feel like I am screaming out to everyone: “I AM WEARING ORANGE!”


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Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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