We left work at 4 pm today so we could get ready for Rachel’s party. We got her birthday gift last week when I bought the dresser she wanted at a yard sale for the boys’ room, but now, a week later, that wouldn’t make her day special. So we went to Fred Meyer to pick up some little thing to have at the party. Walking in an aisle I passed a woman carrying a baby in a cloth carrier and it looked like an Ergobaby, also on Rachel’s list. I had assumed this was something I would have had to have ordered online days if not weeks ago, so opted for the dresser instead. I turned around and asked her if it was an ErgoBaby and she said yes. I asked her where she got it and she said, “Target,” which was right across the street! Synchronicity at its finest! We bought a balloon and a card and went to Target, where we were able to buy an ErgoBaby. Rachel was very excited when she saw it. A gift that was meant to be!


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