Pie Prompt

Inspirational reminders

Several weeks ago I signed up to have the Sister Missionaries over for dinner, put the event in my calendar, then promptly forgot all about it. We usually get together with my daughter and her family each Sunday, and although she felt it was her “turn” to host, I insisted they come to our house. I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning with the thought that I needed to make a special dessert for our family meal (we usually don’t bother), and it should be pumpkin pie. I got up, made two pies, and then shortly before leaving for church, I got a phone call from the missionaries reminding me of their dinner appointment with us. Thanks to their call, I had time to add servings to the meal plan, but thanks to the subliminal reminder (God-wink?) I now also had a nice dessert to offer them. Strangely enough, I had looked at my calendar several times this weekend, including this morning, but never saw/noticed the dinner appointment. I must have gotten an additional, subtle prompting when I offered our house as the place for our family get-together; otherwise it would have been quite a tangle indeed!


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