Of Hens and Chicks


This morning in seminary I was struggling to make the lesson meaningful for the students. I had read the text (2 Nephi 6) and lesson suggestions, and had a “plan,” but I just wasn’t feeling very inspired. Towards the end of the lesson, as I was testifying of how the Savior always wants to gather us to Him, I saw in my mind an image of the “hen gathering her chicks” and felt inspired to share the story (heard years ago) of the forest ranger walking through an area that had just gone through a forest fire. He kicked at a pile of charred “leaves” only to have several small birds scurry out from under the pile. Upon closer inspection, the “pile of leaves” was actually the charred remains of the mother bird, who had gathered her chicks under her wings and protected them from the heat and fire. She gave up her life for them, that they could live. I felt and expressed the great love and appreciation I have for Christ, who gathers us to Him and “covers” us through his Atonement–the means whereby we can be saved. It was a powerful moment for me; I hope the youth also felt the Spirit whisper to them of their Savior’s love.


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