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I’ve been spending some time looking for and reading blogs by others who are sending out uplifting and encouraging messages to the Universe. These posts can be very thought-provoking and cause me to reflect and think about the meaning of these things in my life. One such post was a commentary on Halloween. The comments were also as interesting as the post itself, and my comment (copied in part, below) was the result of my introspection as to what DO I think of Halloween? I love how we can teach each other and be catalysts for growth. I love how one thing leads to another, and a post of Halloween can lead me to testify of God’s Eternal Plan of Happiness.

[“I’ll add my 2-cents by saying that “the opposition” uses anything he can to drag us down, including innocent holidays like Halloween, bringing out the Zombies-evil-scary aspects instead of the more light-hearted sharing in the Harvest/honoring ancestors aspects. I take issue with one comment only, and that is your statement that “God never intended death to occur.” God is all-knowing and all-powerful. His work is not frustrated by the opposition. Actually, death is all part of His great eternal plan for us! We came to this earth from His presence, where we wanted to be more like Him, our Father. In order to do that, and to show our love through our faith in Him, we were excited to come to this earth, receive a body and go through challenges and trials that would encourage us to rely on Him. Death is the portal back into His presence after we have been to earth “school!” He foresaw the Fall and planned for it by providing a Savior for us, who would break the bands of death and hell and through the Atonement, give us a way to return to His presence. Sometimes Adam and Eve get a bad rap for partaking of the fruit and causing the Fall. But they were doing their part to move forward God’s plan. If the Fall hadn’t occurred, Adam and Eve would even now be blissfully happy in the Garden, knowing no evil as they knew no good. Not experiencing death, and not procreating, as they were innocent, as little children. In other words, we wouldn’t be! Hooray for Adam and Eve! They were brave enough to leave the comfort of the Garden and provide for us to come to earth and make our way back to God!”]


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