Unto the least


After work I went to Joann Fabric and bought some Christmas prints on sale to use as gift wrap. As I was heading in to the store, a young man approached me and said he and his brother were homeless and were trying to get some dinner (he didn’t actually ask me for anything…) I emptied out my coin purse into his hands, all that I had, but it only amounted to less than $2. He thanked me and I went into the store, but continued to think about him. I wanted to take them to Taco Bell but didn’t think that would be wise. Then I thought I could pay for my purchases with a debit card and get some cash to give them. At check out I learned they don’t give over-purchase cash back. I came out and didn’t see the boy, then drove over to Target for a few groceries. I decided to get cash back there and got a $20, then prayed as I left the store that if I was to give the money away, I would see the young man again. I was almost to my car when I saw him and called him over. He was pretty surprised when I gave him the $20 and said several times, “Are you sure?” I told him I got the cash back just for him and I hoped he and his brother could eat a good dinner with it. He thanked me and went off to find his brother.He could have been scamming me, but if so, I hope my kindness will make them feel bad about it enough to change. If he really was in need, I could do no less.


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4 Responses to Unto the least

  1. elizabeth says:

    Gail, your story reminded me of something similar that happened to me a while ago. My ‘beggar’ was an older man. He was standing at the entrance of the supermarket as I was leaving with a cart of groceries. He said, ‘I haven’t eaten today,” and held his hand out. Being cautious I kept on walking to my car. His Navy baseball cap caught my eye. (Hubby was in the Navy when we met.) Long story short I gave him some money thinking, he’s probably going to buy booze or drugs with it, but trusting God I did the right thing. After dinner my hubby says, let’s go to Dairy Queen for an ice-cream. We hadn’t done that in maybe years? Guess who was in the DQ buying a combo-meal? Yep, my old guy. Coincidence? Me thinks not. 🙂

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