Recent Bits of synchronicity

I received an email out of the blue from my cousin, whom I hadn’t heard from in months, with the cryptic:

“A book I loved! If you haven’t read it-

“Me Before You”
by Jojo Moyes

At the library the next morning, I found the book on the shelf and brought it into my office. A friend poked her head in a few minutes later, saw the book and exclaimed, “I just turned that book in! It was great!” Two unsolicited endorsements on the heels of one another–can’t wait to read it!


I was at our Chamber Networking Breakfast, worried about where we (the Chamber Board) would hold this same meeting next month, as we were in need of a new venue. The gentleman sitting next to me said, “How tied to this venue are you for these meetings? Because I know someone who would love to host if you want to give him a call.” Perfect timing!


I got a coupon in my inbox for a free gallon of milk and a dozen eggs at a new grocery store across town. I didn’t usually go to that area, but figured I needed those items anyway, and free was good. So I headed over to that part of town, on a rainy, cold afternoon. I got my purchases (a $20 purchase was required to redeem the coupon) but even though I gave the clerk the coupons, she charged my card and forgot to give me the credit for the milk and eggs. She resolved it by giving me the equivalent ($5.00) in cash. I got in the car and headed back to work, when, at the stop sign, I saw a man, woman and dog, panhandling in the cold rain. The only cash I had was the newly acquired five dollar bill, which I handed to the man through the window of my car. He thanked and blessed me and I drove off, pondering what just happened: I drove out of my way to redeem a couple of coupons only to turn around and give the savings away. If I hadn’t had the coupons though, I wouldn’t have gone to that store, and wouldn’t have seen the panhandlers. If the clerk hadn’t made the mistake of not redeeming the coupons, I wouldn’t have had anything to offer them and would have just driven by, feeling bad about not giving. So, I guess it was all a series of meant-to-be events.


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3 Responses to Recent Bits of synchronicity

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    I loved ‘Me Before You’, my daughter got me to read it and it was terrific.

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