Lucky Lucy

I missed the Daily Prompt on November 15 to write about Evil, because nothing specific came to mind. But today I had a phone call from my daughter. She was heading to her car and heard strange noises coming from the nearby dumpster. She investigated, and found a very young puppy, crying and struggling in the cold (temps were in the freezing zone.) She took her home, but she and my son-in-law already had a dog and a cat and weren’t in a position to keep this one. They gave her something to eat and began assessing her condition. She looked ok, with the exception of a botched attempt to crop her tail off. They were soon able to place newly named “Lucy” with a family member, who immediately heaped upon her the love she needed and deserved.  The “evil” part, of course, goes to anyone who would do such a thing as was done to this, one of God’s helpless creatures. This applies to those who are cruel and abusive to children and animals alike. It breaks my heart to hear of this happening all too often, but I am ever grateful for those whose hearts are big enough to step in and “rescue” when the opportunity presents.

Lucky Lucy

Lucky Lucy


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8 Responses to Lucky Lucy

  1. chmjr2 says:

    Made me think about my dog Chip, a blond Cocker Spaniel who at this moment is asleep in his under my desk. I am happy that Lucy will make someone her best friend.

  2. Update… after taking her to the vet, found out she’s a pure Australian Shepherd. Most likely she was jumpped in the garbage can because she has a slightly deformed back leg that makes her walk a little funny. For pure breaders, this, I guess, was cause to dump her. With her new family, she has a new name, Zoe. 😉

  3. knace says:

    Stories like this just make me sick. I especially hate it when people will turn pets loose in the countryside thinking they can survive as opposed to taking them to a shelter. Apparently not understanding the pet will likely meet it’s end terrified and confused, starving, or hit by a car. I’m so glad this sweet dog found a home. He will make someone a wonderful life long companion.

  4. A sad story with a happy ending. Lucky Lucy indeed. 😉 … Of course, people who do these heinous things to animals (and children) ought to be severely punished and never allowed near either again. Sadly, in today’s society perpetrators are now treated like “victims” themselves, so never seem to be held truly accountable for their actions. There needs to be a reckoning, but I have a feeling the ultimate punishment for such terrible deeds will be felt in the hereafter ~ and whatever miserable, unhappy life these awful people experience in the meantime. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

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