Cosmic nod

Cosmic nod

My running goal this morning was 5 miles. The first three miles I was feeling good, running about a 10-minute mile. At 3.5 miles I came across a broken glass bottle in the road and stopped short to pick up all the shards that could puncture someone’s (maybe even my own!) tire. After that I had to walk a ways with the glass cradled in my hand until I found a plastic bag flapping in the breeze, caught on a bush. I put the glass in the bag, and was then able to jog a bit, but couldn’t get back into my previous rhythm. A quarter-mile further on I found a trash can where I could divest myself of the bag and its contents, but with the run interrupted, and my home turn-off in sight, I toyed with the idea of ending the run then, short of my goal. Maybe it was the endorphins from doing a good deed, or without the baggage, I was getting into the run again, but I decided to go for it and continue my run. At the 4 mile point, my Nike app announced that my average run time was now 11:11 minutes per mile. Whoa! That is my “special” number! I took it as a sign that my service to mankind was noted and all was well. Love these little Cosmic nods!

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