After feeling bleh from too many holiday treats, I decided today would be a perfect day, nutritionally speaking. I was encourage by cutting into an avocado for my green smoothie to find a perfectly ripe specimen. I’m taking my cue from a book I’m currently reading, called From Bagels to Buddha, by Judi Hollis, PhD. It’s all about mindfulness. Here’s my guidelines:
1. Eat (slow)er
2. Be grateful
3. Be present
4. Recognize and acknowledge my weaknesses, then
5. Avoid temptations.
6. Don’t rationalize “only one.” (see 4 above). I know that’s not something I can do.
7. Remember my body is a temple.

There is such a connection between mind and body and spirit. When I don’t eat well, I don’t feel good in my mind and spirit as well as my body. I remember hearing an anecdotal comment about President Spencer W. Kimball once that stuck with me: He would always leave a meal feeling slightly hungry.
Today I finished my lunch and left one bite still on my plate. It’s a start!

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6 Responses to Perfect

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  2. davinnyscode says:

    Interesting that you posted about an avocado and your current interest in mindfulness. The first two posts in my blog are about meditation and avocados!
    You are absolutely right about the connection between what you eat and how you feel. The more conscious you are of yourself and the effect certain food makes you react the better choices you will be able to make regarding your food intake.

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