DP Challenge: Ghosts of Christmas Past

As I looked back on what I did last year on this day, I wrote: “had a yummy dinner of pork loins and butternut squash. I didn’t eat any sweets today!” The theme here is “Mindfulness.” Today, before looking back to December 23, 2012, I had on that day also decided to eat mindfully, no sugar, and to give thanks for each morsel. It was a great day! I was able to feel good about my body and thus, my mental and spiritual state was more positive.

After looking back through journals I’ve kept since 2001, the only other 23rd of December I recorded was in 2011, in which is written, “Went for a walk for an hour. Came home and made peppermint fudge, Scotch kisses and caramels.” Written between the lines is the feeling that I could eat some of the homemade goodies if I first burned sufficient calories to “earn” them.

This exercise was an eye-opener that I have for as long as I can remember, been on a roller-coaster of diets, despair and determination to maintain a healthy (to me) body weight. I hope with my new approach of mindfulness and gratitude, I can maintain a healthy mental attitude as well, and not obsess so much about food. I truly am grateful for a healthy body, the means to provide nutritious food, and the knowledge I’ve gained to help me make wise choices.



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