It’s Simple

Came across this story on Renaissance Vlad’s blog. I’d heard it before, but it came at a good time (no time like the my attempt to be more mindful) as I was contemplating my 2014 plan. (I hesitate to say the word “resolution” for various reasons…)

I like the simplicity of the Five Rules.

I Don’t have too much trouble with #1–my motto is “Let it go,” which fits here nicely.

Also I am a pretty positive person, so #2 is a “check!”

In church today one of the speakers suggested finding 3 things to be grateful for each evening in recognition of God’s blessings, so that is my goal for #3–appreciating what I have.

Number 4–“Give more…” I could give more effort in sharing my testimony of God’s truth in my life, and I do have an abundance of the material things of this world, so I should be giving more physically as well. This year my daughter fulfilled one of her goals to give to Heifer International. Her children contributed some of their Christmas money as well, and they all got great satisfaction knowing they were contributing to a worthy cause. I may add that to my list of charitable giving this year.

Don’t know about the first part of #5, but I can and will expect more from myself in 2014. To start off, I am determined to wean myself from my sugar addiction. I hope to go at least 3 months beginning 1 January, with no sugar.  Without sugar, I should *easily* lose the extra xx-pounds I’m holding on to and be better able to achieve my goals of running another marathon this year and getting ready for our Haute Route adventure.

Five simple rules. What is your plan? See you in 2014! Happy New Year!


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