Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger

Weekly Writing Challenge: Roy G. Biv

Here’s my cliffhanger! Solution to follow…(hint is in the title. I’m getting a double writing challenge out of this. Synchronicity in action!)


4. Saffy’s brother in the book, Saffy’s Angel

8. A fruit that is also a color

10. Amaze

11. the unconscious play of our mind while we sleep

12. The look of a new bride

13. Counterpoint to Yin

16. “I DO _________ in faeries!”


1. A color that means “sad”

2. A flower that is a purple color

3. Counterpoint to Yang

5. Not old

6. alternative to renting

7. What our lungs do for us

9. She was _______ with envy

13. The Beatles’ submarine

14. My love is like a ________, ________ rose

15. Opposite of dark


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