Appreciate What Is.

Appreciate What Is..

A beautiful thought from the Buddha blogged by Doug Does Life. It dovetails nicely with a contribution from one of my students this morning. She quoted Harold B. Lee: “Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.”

Inside of me today I had lots of happy thoughts:

* Was able to visit some lovely ladies tonight, who shared with me their stories of faith and answered prayers.

* Had a nice conversation with one of my daughters, which always makes my day.

* My mom called me to share a joke and keep me up to date on her antics; she always makes me smile.

* Another day (24 in a row!) of being “sugar-free.” In this sense, happiness really is about what is going on inside! When I take better care of my physical body by eating right and exercising, my spirit also feels strong and more positive energy flows.

* Hubby made me dinner and also took care of the clean up tonight so I could fulfill my visiting assignment.

* Life is good! I appreciate all my blessings.


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3 Responses to Appreciate What Is.

  1. I don’t have friends where I am but it’s okay.
    I spoke with my daughter in Ireland and heard the grands doing their normal before dinner squabbles.
    Texted my son i Miami, Fl. 10 time. Along with my sis in the same place,
    Spoke with my Daddy for 8 minutes, it’s a joke between us that he can’t be on the phone longer than 5 minutes. He’s 86 yo and in great shape.
    Fell asleep in front of the TV as usual, can’t stay waked if I sit down to watch no matter what’s on.
    Life is good! If it weren’t so cold. lol

  2. You have not spent a summer in Oklahoma….way worse.

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