(Not so) Impossible Mandate

Stand as a witness, at all times and in all places...

Stand as a witness, at all times and in all places…

I read an interesting post from James Voigt  at Cannot Contain wherein he expressed concern over a Christian’s responsibility to share the “Good News” with those who haven’t heard it. We have been told that those who have been warned have an obligation to warn our neighbors. This seems like an impossible task sometimes, especially when we may try and get rebuffed. We had a visiting speaker today at church, Elder Philip K Bussey. Elder Bussey told of the airplane trip he took to come to here to Washington to speak to us. He prayed for an opportunity to “walk the talk” and share the gospel with a fellow traveler. He asked God to put someone in the seat next to him who was open to hearing his message. A tall basketball-type dude sat down, put on his headphones and turned away. Hmmm. Elder Bussey tried to engage him, but he shrugged him off. No deal. He prayed more fervently for a Divine Intervention. Just then a lady 3 seats up stood up, came back and addressed the young man, “I noticed you have very long legs. I’m in a front row seat; would you like to switch seats with me so you have more room?” He jumped at the chance and the lady sat down next to Elder Bussey. No doubt this was his contact! He discovered she was newly widowed and they had a great discussion about the plan of salvation and he was able to give her information and links for further study. Coincidence? You know what I think…

Taking the gospel message to all the world may be an overwhelming mandate if we think it’s all up to us, but when we try our best, God makes up the rest.


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10 Responses to (Not so) Impossible Mandate

  1. Jim Voigt says:

    Wow what a great thought and ironically one i left completely out of my post on this topic. I forever have fixed on my mind the need to get something done and then present it to God as a finished project for his approval, never taking him with along the way. Such a great reminder that i need to cut that out!!

  2. elizabeth says:

    How very true that God give us the opportunities to reach the lost if only we are willing and obedient. I love that this elder didn’t let the unresponsive neighbor stop him in his pursuit of enlarging the Kingdom, but prayed ever more fervently and saw the substance of his faith realized. Thanks for sharing this it is inspiring.

  3. This is a great thought Gail. It is true that God is an active participant everytime we share the gospel message! It is His authority that gives us power to witness.

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